I find the things I cherish most usually come unexpectedly. That’s probably why I love my farm life so much.

I had several people ask me if I rented my Friesian horse for wedding photographs. I didn’t know how Renze would feel about that sort of endeavor so I washed him thoroughly, saddled him up, went into the house to put on an old wedding dress and trounced into the barn for a ride. Renze, waiting patiently in his stall, casually glanced in my direction and quickly did a double take. Eyes wide, head lifted, ears pricked forward, he simply implied, “It’s about time you dressed up for this!” I draped the train over him carefully not knowing if he’d react but he seamed to settle into the “noble steed” routine. Then off we sally forthed into the woods for the most enjoyable and quite unusual trail ride. We had SO much fun just the two of us. I love that horse!

Years ago we had three miniature dachshunds. On a muddy walk through an excavation site with the dogs the younger two were nimbly bouncing from rocks and fallen trees to avoid the mud. Unfortunately, the older one was not so agile. My husband and I heard him whine. We turned around and saw an unforgettable site. So much mud had collected on his paws that his feet were six times the size they really were and too heavy for him to lift. After we had a little laugh we cleaned off his feet and carried him the rest of the way. It was a privilege to have Teckle into his old age and I would have done anything for him. sniff

Teckle was also the ring bearer at our little wedding. A simple ribbon with the rings tied on did the job. The officiant came to the house and with no rehearsal, we took our positions by the fireplace next to the Christmas tree. With no direction or commands, Teckle man sat down at the officiants feet and faced the two of us as if he were running the show. He sat there and looked so proud. And he quietly sat there, for the entire blah blah blah. Until . . . she said, “Where are the rings?” Headed for the kitchen! We laugh to this day because we love that guy so much!

There’s no denying how much animals are a part of our lives. They are family. Having them included or playing a role in your wedding seems like common sense to me. There are a lot of excellent articles on line about the topic of pets in your wedding. They usually expound on great tips and advise that you should think about:

Is your pet comfortable with lots of people and in unfamiliar places?
Is your pet trained to do the task you would like it to do, such as sit/stay? Do you have time to train?
Does the event facility allow pets?
Do they have accommodations for the pet before and after the ceremony?
Recommend having a handler the pet is familiar with.
If the pet cannot participate in the wedding perhaps you can include it elsewhere such as engagement shoot,

Something else to think about is not only your pets personality but how well your photographer will get along with your pet. Ask if they have done some animal photography before. Some animals are more patient than others. Needless to say, that goes for people as well. Working with animals can be challenging, especially when your pressed for time. The more you stress, the likely your animal will pick up on it and fidget. The venue or event planner might have recommendations on photographers that work well with animals.

It’s also great to gather photo ideas on the web. Relay those ideas to the photographer. You might want to skip the Great Dane eating the wedding cake while the vows are being witnessed in the back ground.

It’s important to realize when you add the element of pets, you can expect the unexpected. They promise to make it unique. Something to be cherished.





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