Baroque N Spoke Horse and Carriage

As a nod to traditions and old times, your intimate wedding may have exquisite horses to stun your guests as you arrive in style or depart for your private champagne toast.

Bowood Barn has gone the extra mile, the elegant barn had to have elegant horses! Bowood has contracted Baroque N Spoke Horse and Carriage to be on site and offer their services to the venue.

You will not be disappointed in the exquisite elegance of these tremendous Friesian horses. Their presence is as gentle as it is demanding. Bowood has many acres of wooded trails for carriage rides and should rain damper them to make it too slippery, we’ll just take the scenic road you came in on with the long driveway. You can choose to surprise your guests by popping out of the woods in the carriage at the bottom of the field or entering by other means. The options are endless. All carriages have canopies that fold down and music players. Ice buckets and champagne flutes for that celebratory toast. A trunk in the back holds either a blanket for cold weather or a parasol in hot weather for sun shade.